October 29, 2014

Gallery 26 {Point the Camera UP!}

There is an entire world of stuff
happening above our heads.

Week 26 is about pausing to look up
and notice what is going on
"up there" :)

Point your camera up & shoot.
I'm very excited to see the results.

Link your photo here & multiple theme related photos to the flickr group.
Updates are always available on the Twitter & Facebook pages.

I wasn't great at promoting this week's prompt - but hey, it was my birthday,
a time of celebration & staying off the computer. If you share this post
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Thanks and have a great week!!

October 26, 2014

Week 26

I'm loving this prompt because
it's more of a technique.

Let's share our perspective of
what is above.

Meet you here Wednesday, Oct 29th.
Galley 25 {Numbers} is still open!

October 22, 2014

Gallery 25 {Numbers}

Good morning - Welcome to Gallery 25 {Numbers}

Thank you to everyone who added a photo to {Orange} ... I can't wait to visit each of your photos today! What a gorgeous gallery that was!

This is a fairly easy week -numbers- and if you're finding it too easy, I'll give you a bonus challenge:

+ find triple digits like I did in my photo
+ find a number sequence that is only odd -or- only even
+ look for zeros

Thank you for joining me this week! Link your photo here then add it to our flickr group. If you are on instagram, snap + share on the go throughout the week using hashtag #52photosproject. Updates & news will always be posted on Twitter & Facebook

Numbers!! I can't wait!