March 4, 2015

Gallery 44 {Across the Street}

Happy Wednesday!!

We've had so much snow + rain here, I had to dip into my stash of photos to find a decent one or two to fit in for today!

+ For clarity, we are finishing up our year here to week 52 as planned. I go a few early goodbye comments last week. This party is not over.

+Also, we will not only be instagram based. We will have our Flickr Group as well (which is also mobile now). Change is difficult, I know, but it also becomes easy to adjust to if given the chance.

I love the pics I found in my archives :)

This gallery will stay open until next Tuesday, giving you plenty of time to add a selection. After linking up here, add multiple theme related pics throughout the week to our Flickr Group + on Instagram <-- friend me there! using hashtag #52photosproject. Are you on Facebook? So are we! Friend us here.

Have a great week everyone!!

March 1, 2015

Week 44 + March Prompts

Happy March 1st !!!

In an effort to smoothly transition 52 Photos Project from this blog
to Instagram, I wanted to post what the monthly photo prompts will look like.

We will continue to post our photos here in the Gallery on Wednesdays until week 52.
After that, we reset to Week 1 on Instagram + Flickr only!
The monthly photo prompts will be posted here + on IG.

Open up an account & follow me @cirovicbella
Find photos from our tribe here by searching hashtag #52photosproject.

Gallery 43 {Black + White} is still open. Add your photo here.

Meet you back here on Wed, March 4th when Gallery 44 {Across the Street} opens.

xo Bella

Send any questions to

February 25, 2015

Gallery 43 {Black & White}

Taken on our trip last week! 

This week we are sharing Black & White photos or converting a photo to B&W. You choose. After linking up here, please add your photo (plus an unlimited amount of theme related pics) to both the Flickr Gallery + Instagram using hashtag #52photosproject.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo to {Orange}! I appreciate your time coming here and sharing your work :)

I am always updated our Twitter + Facebook pages. Find me + friend me there. I do most of my sharing on Instagram (are you on there yet?)