July 23, 2014

Gallery 12 {Happiness is....}

I don't think there is much to be happy about if you're riding the NYC subway system in the thick of summer. It's hot. I'm sticky. It stinks.
I was walking along the corridor in the Times Square station en route to Brooklyn when I saw this woman made entirely of tiles, the first in a series along the route. In the madness of the corridor, I stopped to look at this work of art. 'This makes me so happy', I thought. So I snapped a photo.

I'd love to see a slice of what happiness looks like for you!

Share your photo here and then add multiple to the flickr group. If you are on IG, tag your photos #52photosproject. I will be here throughout the week to check in on your photos!! Thank you again for sharing. Hope you are all enjoying your summer :)

July 20, 2014

Week 12

what is happiness for you?
capture that and share here on Wed, July 23rd

Gallery 11 {the honey of the fields} is still open for submissions!

July 16, 2014

Gallery 11 {the honey of the fields}

what's in bloom

This year we have 18 tomato plants, 4 cucumber, and 2 yellow squash that are blooming. The cukes are ready and we've been enjoying them. The yellow squash is almost ripe for the picking. Then there are the tomatoes... they take forever. We don't get to enjoy them until the end of July, but we have them all through August.

That's what's in bloom over here. What have you got growing in your garden or near your home? Vegetables? Flowers? Water gardens? What's your take on this prompt? I'd love to know!

Thank you for contributing to {at the water's edge}. I still need to visit a few last entries but wow, what a gorgeous gallery! Please add your photo to the flickr group and if you are on Instagram, tag your photos throughout the week with hashtag #52photosproject.

*I have a story up at sheisthree.com about trust. If you like to read it, click here.