Welcome to 52 Photos Project, a community for photographers to display their work
and a place to meet people with a shared passion for photography.

I am your hostess, Bella Cirovic

I have moved on from this photography site which ended its 5 year run in 2016. It was an amazing 5 years!

In 2017 I started a small business making botanical perfumes. You can visit my site: Intention Blends or catch up with me on my social media accts:

This is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th year I'm hosting this budding, creative space.
I'm so happy you've decided to visit!

The idea for this space began on an ordinary day while I was out on a photo walk with my camera, capturing nature for fun - with no agenda. Not for a client, no merchandise to sell - just a feeling of sheer enjoyment in the freedom I had to point and click at whatever caught my in that moment.

These are the photos I most cherish while looking through my archives or freshly shot on my DSLR or iPhone.  It may not be a spectacular photo, but it holds onto and relays the affection I have for my craft.

Year 1 Galleries

Year 2 Galleries

Year 3 Galleries

Year 4 Galleries

Year 5 -> We moved to Instagram! #52photosproject

Year 5 Prompts