How it Works

Sunday: I will post a prompt or theme for you to consider for Wednesday's photo gallery submission.

Wednesday:  The photo sharing begins. I call this our Gallery. You post an unlimited amount of theme related photos to your Instagram (use hashtag #52photosproject) or our Flickr Group throughout the week. Please note that by submitting a photo (or photos) into our hashtag your photos may be subject to (me) sharing them. 

We post from Wednesday to Wednesday, so you have an entire week to play with a prompt.

Are there rules to play by?
you betcha! but not many.

How many photos can I submit per week?

-Unlimited - but please keep them theme related.

Do I have to have a blog to participate

-Nope! You can share using Instagram or Flickr. If you want to your photos on your blog + shout out to, that would be fabulous.

Are you affiliated with any programs or groups?  Will you personally profit from this website?

- NO not at all. I do, on occasion, share the work and project of my peers or friends, but that's because I believe in celebrating each others accomplishments, not for profit.

Are you open to theme / prompt suggestions?

-Absolutely!  Again, you can email me at:  Any and all suggestions are welcome. 

Do you have a twitter, facebook, or blog?

-Yes I do - go to the about page.