May 27, 2011

photo assignment: let someone else take the pictures

I love it when I'm out with my camera doing my thing and the person I'm with asks if they could take a few pictures. Yes!  Please do... and while you're at it, could you get a picture of me because I'm always the one behind the lens?

Both photos taken by my daughter: Angie 

When the day is over and you get to uploading your latest batch of pictures, you'll find that we all see the same things, but from a completely unique angle.  You'll find depth and mystery in places or objects you might have overlooked.  

Your assignment is to give someone else your camera (any camera will do) for an hour this weekend.  Come back to this post at any time, and share a link to what they captured in the comment section. 

Photo assignment was an idea born via reader feedback.  You can share your feedback, comments, or ideas with me via email:


Anonymous said...

Bella, These are gorgeous pictures your daughter has taken.
Love from Eva

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the "assignment", Bella.

I took it to heart.

Lis said...

I am just catching up from the holiday weekend ... I too love giving my camera to my daughter and seeing what she comes up with. I also indulge her with the disposable cameras and let her explore ... it is always insightful to see what she values in her world, what she wants to record.

Were you in Susannah's class at Squam 2010? I was in thursday's group ... just seems like we have probably been in some setting cyber or real at the same time!

xo Lis

deb did it said...

Matt shot this last weekend at the Sprang Thang Music Fest...I love it because it is near impossible to drink beer and take photos all at the same time!

Janet (cyberpackrat) said...

catching up...when I told my partner about this assignment he chose to take the camera to a family birthday party last weekend. This was perfect because photographing people really isn't my forte!

He is a total sucker for his one and a half year old niece so most of the shots were of her..she loves the camera as can be seen here: