June 8, 2011

A time to share { a Heart }

I'll be the first to admit:  Finding a heart wasn't easy.  But the thing about working around a prompt is that it encourages me to keep my eyes open and to constantly be aware of my surroundings.  In the end (like, last night), I unloaded my lack-of-finding-a-heart frustration onto my husband while we were sitting outside on our front steps. He looked at me and said "hey, I found a heart."  

The dude is a genius.

I can't wait to see what you've found!  This gallery will stay open for a week, so you have plenty of time to share your photo.  If you're not familiar with how to use the link share widget, click here to watch my video tutorial.

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urban muser said...

great find. go hub!

Silver Sisters said...

Funny, I found this one super easy, hearts everywhere. Curious.

Lis said...

perfection ... the story, the image, the quote ♥

xo Lis

Leovi said...

Beautiful, bright picture of this leave - heart.

Cheryl said...

There is a simplicity to genius that is wonderful to behold.

Anonymous said...

Bella, this is wonderful story. Almost every Tuesday evening or wednesday an idea for the photo project appears through some mysterious ways.
Love that your husband has such an open eye for steals of beauty.
Love from Eva