August 19, 2011

photo assignment: summer evening routines

If it hasn't been sticky and hot, it's been pouring rain.  Yesterday the sky finally cleared up and the temps were mild enough to sit outside and enjoy the last of the sunlight.  I wiped down the trampoline for my girl and threw some logs into the fire pit.  A crisp chardonnay and glasses were placed on the table and a text message invite was sent to my best friend who lives down the street.  It was a lovely summer night.

Assignment:  Capture your summer evening routines & share your photos in the flickr pool.  You might see a few of them posted in this space next Friday ;0)

The picture was taken with the Little Photo app for Android. I used Lomo film I effect with a round white frame.

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Miss Robyn said...

I found you via Deb [as in Deb did it].. living in Australia, it might be a tad hard for me to do the summer routine thing.. can I do winter/spring? as that is the season we are in now..