August 3, 2011

A time to share { Something Old & Long Forgotten }

Greetings, picture peeps! Let's get this Gallery up and running.

Why not add your gallery pic to the flickr pool ?  This gallery will stay open until Wed. 8/10, giving you plenty of time to add your submission.  
*I'll be checking in to see if the link button works later on today :) 


trump said...

I like the paint peeling one, and im not really sure why. Richard

Bella Cirovic said...

Looks like everything is up and working! I'm going back to swimming. -Back on Friday. xo

Cheryl said...

Love this photo. I love the history conveyed in photos of this nature. Great topic.

Anonymous said...

I loved this photo. I have a thing for locks and hinges.

Great prompt/theme! I'm not carving out enough time to participate, but am still following along!

Meri said...

Old and rusty. . . right up my alley!