September 19, 2011

just 1 picture: Little Miss Joey

Our day is filled with moments.
When we look up.
When we look down.
When we open our eyes.
When we dare to see the world differently.

Little Miss Joey blogs at LMJ the blog, about nothing and a bit of photography. Originally from Portugal, LMJ now lives in the wonderful old city of Oxford, UK, where she learns to adjust to the British weather in the middle of the beautiful buildings of Oxford. Together with Kate, LMJ curates the These Moments project; join us over there and share your moments with us.


Anonymous said...

oh my this is wonderful. Thank you. What an amazing blog.x

Kate @ These Moments x

Little Miss Joey said...

Thank ou very much, Bella :)
It looks much better here than on my laptop :)

urban muser said...

beautiful shot, and i love your words LMJ!

Saun said...

Awesome shot!!

Cathy H. said...

How beautiful!! Love the colors and that wonderful POV!