October 7, 2011

photo assignment: lens baby - how to fake it:

Thank you for not laughing :)
You can add your work to the flickr pool when your done. Also, you can access all of the photo assignments right here.

I'll meet you back here on Sunday with a new photo prompt.


Sylvia @ From The Heart said...

Great job Bella! I love Picnik (use it all the time) and although I play around with it quite a bit I'm always up to learning more.

Thank you!

Gill said...

I found using picnik extremely intuitive, and it paved the way for me to get started on my photoshop. Now I use both together! Thanks Bella. xo

Janet said...

Sooo happy I found this site! You have inspired me! Starting here... not sure if I should still upload to flickr pool though? (since this was 'assigned' several months ago)

Either way...thank you so much for the awesome site!