December 26, 2011

Interview: Ana Eugenio

I hope your holidays were good! It's just 1 more week until we celebrate the new year :) 

Today I'm sharing my conversation with Photographer Ana Eugenio - who I am so delighted to feature here @ 52 Photos Project. Her work is intricate and breathtaking ~ and I'm super excited to introduce you to this lady. Please meet:

How did you and your camera meet :) Take me back to when you first became interested in photography?

I've a Degree in Social Communication and was a journalist for 12 years. I'm retired since 2010 due to health issues. I studied photography at the University in the 90's but didn't have my own camera then. I used to play with my parents Canon. This year, in July, I bought myself a Nikon D90. I've always cherished photography as a world of dreams do come true and that is what I wish for myself now. With my camera I can create anything, I can be a photographer and an artist. I ordered my camera online, only touched her at home. It was like holding a newborn: really fragile! Then I got used to her weight and shape and learned she is stronger than I thought. When I bought my camera I went for the best price, didn't have that Nikon vs. Canon issue. One day I was shooting at the beach, a boy came to me with a Canon and asked me to take a photograph of him and his friend. While I was holding that Canon in my hands I realized I'm definitely a Nikon girl. I love my camera. Or maybe I'm simply practical and love what I got!

Currently, what's inspiring you to go out and shoot photos?

I've a psychiatric disease and going out is a real challenge for me. I seek inspiration in all sorts of photo challenges I find online. They give me a reason to leave the house. I started my own photo challenge Earth Wonders with the same purpose. Also, through my Facebook page, I meet people interested in modelling and I photograph them for free. I'm simply grateful for having the chance of doing portraits. We usually go to public parks (when it's sunny). My family doesn't want me to photograph them so I've come up with this solution. Photographing people inspires me but flowers, trees, bees, are also wonderful.

Do you carry your camera(s) with you at all times or when the mood calls for it?

I carry my camera most of the time. I breathe photography daily because when I'm not shooting I'm editing and following other inspirations. I live in a city where people are not used to seeing a photographer through the streets, some get suspicious when I ask if I can shoot them. I've had a couple of adventures doing street photography and it can be addictive. But sometimes I'm just too shy to ask.

What do you feel most comfortable taking photos of?  If you could step outside of your comfort zone for a day, tell me what you would photograph?

I'm very comfortable taking photos of flowers. I even bought a macro conversion lens to play with. I would be outside my comfort zone on a wedding but if I ever get the chance I will do it. I've recently done a session as a model to feel what it is being on the other side and found out I love both experiences.

Who are some of the photographers that have inspired you?

I love most photographers from Magnum, in particular Robert Capa who lived and died in the field. But also Henri Cartier-Bresson or Elliott Erwitt (both have a great sense of humour) they're Masters, as well as Dorothea Lange. Most of these photographers have their work on the Magnum site, only Mrs Lange doesn't have an official site but you can find her on wikipedia. 
Recently I came upon some of the new generation thanks to flickr. There we can find the work of Daniel MacDonald or Kimberley Chorney. I still don't have an eye for technique details but I get inspired by the beauty of their work. That is something I search for: the beauty that surround us.

How do you hope to see your photography grow in 2012?

I hope to take better photos and only on manual mode. I still use the semi programs (A and S mostly). I hope to see my photography grow in a way that people will bookmark my blog to visit often simply for the pleasure of beauty. I'm planing on doing a 18 months photography course. The registration starts this month but classes only start in October. And I hope by then to use my camera as well as I breathe.

Dear Ana ~ It's been so wonderful getting to know you better. I thank you for sharing a part of your journey here with us today.

Ana Eugénio is a retired journalist, who found the meaning of life through photography. She consider herself a hobbyist photographer and a wannabe artist. She has published her first poetry book in 2009 and now she seeks poems through photography. She lives in Porto, Portugal, with her family and a few cats. She lived most of her life with a cat by her side, it's an ancient love affair, but they're the most difficult models one can have. When they see her, all they want to do is play or cuddle. They hardly stand still for a furry little session.
Ana co-hosts the 'sixty-two' project you can find here and here. Aside from her blog Wonderland she also publish two photo journals: Ana's Eye and 365 + 1 Project.

*Ana is also the newest team member at These Moments Blog.


Nancy said...

I've been a follower of Ana for some time now and we communicate regularly. She is such a sweet person and wonderful photographer. Thank you for the interview! :)

Kathy said...

I love finding interesting hardware and that door knocker (I suppose that's what it is!) is a real treasure! I don't think I've ever found anything this special. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

yes Kathy, it's a door knocker. a very ancient one. the city I live in used to be a farm. a huge one. and some buildings are still around. not many but pretty worthy.

Nancy, you leave me speechless with your kindness. xxo