December 2, 2011

Photo Assignment: DIY Photo Bunting

Week 1:  Collect 10-20 photos into a file (any photos you've taken over the past year will work). Have the photos printed out by next Friday so we can finish this project up. (size 4x6 is fine) 
*You can do a theme bunting: vacation pics, summertime, or get busy taking holiday pics now to have them printed in time for Friday.
*Cheap printing ideas: Walmart, Target, CVS all charge pennies per print. Office stores usually have a print center where you can print out photos on thick paper stock. 

For next week you'll need 2 things: twine and a hole puncher.

Here is link to the tutorial I'll be following.


LB said...

I'm so excited and so in!! YAY! Thanks Bella!

deborah said...

sounds fun! I'm game!

Elsie said...

Great idea, thanks for sharing.

Janet (cyberpackrat) said...

what a great idea!! ...and it is growing in my head!!
Thanks! I find these assignments so inspiring!