December 14, 2011

A time to share { Holiday Sweets, Treats, & Feasts }

I've put off baking until the coming weekend because I've learned from years past that if there is a tin of cookies in the house - I will eat them! But -oh- how I love bake Christmas cookies. My daughter and I clear off the table and spend the day sifting, mixing, baking, & boxing our goods for friends & family. The ones you see in the photo above are basic gingerbread cookies with white icing. I'll post photos & recipes of this years bake of on my blog this weekend.

How about you? Have you spent anytime cooking or baking yet for the holidays? Or have you enjoyed a dinner out - maybe bought yourself a Christmas treat? I'm so excited to see what you have to share in this new gallery. A special thanks to those of you who shared photos for Colors of the Season. Without trying to sound corny... it really was a jolly and bright Gallery ;0) -I said without trying! Corny comes natural to me.

If you are new and you haven't linked up before, what are you waiting for? Feel free to join in at anytime!


Alexa said...

Those look de-lish and definitely tempting. I hardly eever bake, but did make lemon bars for our annual holiday party at work. Fortunately, there were no leftovers. :~}

Karen D said...

I am the same way, if the cookies are there I will eat them.. I'll probably hold out until the 23rd before I start..yours look yum


IamthatIam publishing... said...

I'm not a big baker - but I love serving up some fun - have some! It's messy and delightfully delicious!!!
Thank you, Bella!