December 21, 2011

A time to share { Just 1 Picture }

August, 2011. Lake George, NY.
My absolute favorite snapshot of the year.

It was just a moment, the two of them sitting on the dock discussing what time they should start fishing.
But I saw more.
How she leaned into her dad who, always the protector, shared his towel so she wouldn't be cold. How they laughed while sharing an inside joke.
They didn't know I was watching.
Holding my camera.
Capturing a moment, so pure - so encompassing of how I see them.
This week, we are sharing Just 1 Picture - celebrating the end of the year by linking up to one of your own favorites from 2011. If you would share the story behind the photo, that would be fabulous! *Remember to add your pic to the flickr group.

If it's your first time here, welcome! Feel free to jump right in with the rest of us.

**Note: I will be posting next week's prompt on Sunday. Check back when you can.


mandy l. smith said...

Such a beautiful moment. :)

urban muser said...

bella, i love how you captured this beautiful moment!

Unknown said...

Very sweet photo.

Graciel said...

bella~ your photo is perfection. a true treasure captured in time. xo