January 25, 2012

A time to share {Where I lay my head down}

To rest,
To sleep,
To dream.
My go to spot 
where my spirit
becomes renewed.

This is where I read, journal, talk on the phone, & rest. rest. rest.
The light is soft & embracing here.

If you are new ~Welcome & feel free to link up your photo. This gallery will be open for a week giving you plenty of time to add your submission. Don't forget to share your pic to the flickr group after linking up here.

*Next week, we will be on break from our regular schedule but please do stop by everyday to check out the Handmade Valentine's Showcase! Lot's of goodness coming with something new everyday Mon - Fri of next week.


carol l mckenna said...

Thanks again, Bella for great prompt and hosting ~ namaste, carol (A CreativeHarbor) linked w/52 Photos

carol l mckenna said...

Hi Bella ~ what is it with the comments on this link ~ i commented on just about every blog and received very few comments ~ would be nice ~ not why I do my blog though ~ just love to create, write, paint, photographs and life! namaste, Carol ^_^

Cheryl said...

This was an unexpected prompt. I kept forgetting to take a photo of my bed so you get the next best thing.

Janet said...

I loved this prompt! (I know I say that about all of them *lol* but I am just learning so much with each one and from seeing other people's work...
I can't tell you how much braver I am than when I first came here ... suffice it to say that I had a blog that had been empty for 4 years!! hahah

Thank you Bella...I am so grateful for your efforts here!


urban muser said...

i've dipped into recent archives the last couple of weeks i hope that's OK! i always strive to take new photos for these prompts but i've been falling behind lately. :)

Unknown said...

great prompt! love it!

MJ said...

another lovely prompt, especially when I need the most lately..
cheers Bella (beautiful serene photo btw).