January 30, 2012

Valentine's Day Showcase - Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of the Handmade Valentine's Day Showcase.
Today's featured artist is:

Joy.Full Necklace 
by Liz Lamoreux

My Heart Bracelet 
by Liz Lamoreux

You Are Loved Locket Necklace 
by Liz Lamoreux

 A note from LizLamoreux, the artist behind SoulMantras and Other Stories:

Sometimes we need a traveling companion to remind us to be present to the beauty and truth that surround us. We need to be reminded to shine a light on what is real, to heal, to dance inside joy. We need to be gently pushed to find our way to laughter and fill the cracks that life creates. We need the invitation to stand tall and give ourselves permission to rest.

The Heart.FullCollection was created in February of 2011 as a way to give back to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital where my daughter, Ellie Jane, spent time in the PICU when she was just a few weeks old and Seattle Children's Hospital where she had life-saving open-heart surgery at four months old. 15% of the profits from this collection are split between these two hospitals and are specifically given to help families who have babies and children in the NICU and PICU and need financial support to be able to stay with their children.

Many of the limited-edition pieces in this collection include heart lockets or heart charms and all include gentle, whispered reminders of joy and love and peace that become much-needed companions as we walk through all that life can hand us.

Visit Soul Mantras and Other Stories to shop for items in the Heart.Full Collection and other good things.

About Liz: Liz Lamoreux is a retreat host, teacher, author of Inner Excavation: Explore Your Self Through Photography, Poetry, and Mixed Media, and the artist behind the shop Soul Mantras and Other Stories. She also teaches Create Space, an online course about being present and opening our hearts to all that we experience. She believes that we heal each time we unearth our stories and share them through creativity and in community.

And in this moment, she is probably singing in her studio as she listens to Paul Simon’s Graceland album and her one-year-old daughter plays with books and fabric scraps beside her, or maybe she is practicing what she teaches and they are both taking a nap.

*All photos have been posted with permission from Liz Lamoreux
*Click on any photo for a closer view
*Artist photo of Liz by Vivienne McMaster


michelle gd said...

i love liz's pieces and the story behind. i'm thinking mother's day (i'll start dropping hints now...)

Lindsey said...

Beautiful! I am loving the Joy.Full necklace Liz...that is sooooo my style! I'm going to pin it and see if anyone gets the hint *wink wink*.

kelly barton said...

liz's jewelry is a such a simple way to wear a piece of happiness that are little reminders of what is best in life.

Angie said...

Love Love LOVE your bracelets and locket pendants. Sooo pretty, Liz!