February 3, 2012

Valentine's Showcase - Day 5

Today's Featured Artist is:

Love Makes Us Brave - Long sleeve tee

Before we take any leap, big or small, it helps to remember the friends and loved ones who are an ever-present safety net in case we should ever fall. Love isn't just the stuff of greeting cards--it emboldens us, it challenges our faulty mythologies about who we are and what we can do and it nudges us, firmly but gently, to be who we are meant to be. Find your courage here.

Just be True - Companion Bag

Sometimes it's more than you can carry in your own two hands--the parts and pieces of your journey, the artifacts of your living. The things that remind you of who you are and the ones you can't survive without. Your phone, your keys, your cash. The laptop and the one particular fine-tipped pen that feels just right in your hand. The journal crafted by your girlfriend out of hand-made paper and the words--your words--coming to life in its pages.
Now all the things you need can get to all the places you need to go--the office, the coffee shop, that little corner of the house that is yours alone. Just fill it with your treasures, grab it and go. Let it be your companion as you venture out into the world, your gentle reminder as you find your way, always, home.

It's Your Story. Tell it. - Tee

The story you are writing with your life is the most important thing about you. Your own story of love, of loss, of the tears and laughter that season all the days in between. The stories you were given, and the new ones you create when the old stories don't fit. The world needs need your insight, your heart and your voice. It's your story. Tell it.

Jen Lee claims hidden treasures, weaves spellbinding tales and mends broken voices with emerging icons. She is an independent media producer and a beloved performer in New York City’s storytelling scene, including The Peabody Award-winning Moth Radio Hour and The Best of The Moth, Volume 15.  She is a sought-after mentor and guide for workshops and retreats unleashing creative expression, and the creator of Finding Your Voice and Telling Your Story, cutting-edge personal breakthrough courses.

*All photos have been posted with permission from Jen Lee.
*Artist photo of Jen by: Bella Cirovic (aka, me!)