March 12, 2012

Interview: Celina Wyss

Confession: I'm just getting to know our next interview guest, Celina Wyss - but her photography speaks to me. While pouring through her work, I can feel the pull and imagine myself within the scene. That doesn't happen often for me. I'm super excited to share out chat!
Please welcome:

When did you begin to develop an interest in photography? Take me back to those first years and if you could, tell me about the paths you explored to expand on your craft.

I think my interest in photography started very young. My dad was always taking pictures growing up and I remember him staging them in silly ways. I think I learned to appreciate the way that memories could be captured early on. I always loved pouring over our photo albums and still do. Later on in High School I became involved with the year book and spent many hours in the dark room. After school the interest sort of faded away for awhile until I had a child of my own. When my husband gifted me with a DSLR I knew I wanted to relearn photography properly again. So I began seeking out mentors, classes and books to feed my curiosity. That is about the time I decided to participate in a 365 daily photo project as a way to expand my knowledge and skills.


Do you feel as though your photos reflect or reveal pages of your own story? How so?

I think often my photos in the past reflected an altar ego waiting to come forth. I was really exploring my passions for many years just trying to find that one thing that called to me. Now with the ease of iPhone photography and the re-emergence of vintage Polaroid photography I really feel like my true story and voice are shining through as little snippets into my daily life and as a way to express my creativity.


What do you love to photograph most? If you had to step out of your comfort zone, what would you photograph?

I love to photograph nature. Mostly I tend to gravitate towards arranged natural objects but also am a sucker for sunsets. My tastes and styles have evolved through the years though as now I am most definitely fixated with capturing the world through instant film. 
I would say that people are definitely out of my comfort zone. I've found that sticks and leaves don't move or talk back. Unlike my child who loathes having her picture taken. :)

Hang in there...

Would you share three of your own tips to capture a great photo with the readers?

1. Do not be afraid to use what ever camera you have with you. I find myself using my cell phone more and more because its so handy.  
2. Be free with your shooting. You can always delete later. Do not be afraid to take 5 or more shots of the exact same scene just to ensure you have a sharp image. Use the burst mode setting on your camera and hold down that shutter!
3. Shoot what makes your heart sing. Explore every angle. Think of how a child might see the your subject and explore that curiosity through your lens.

Bringing a little Autumn in...

When do you feel most inspired to go shooting?

When I'm traveling and on vacation I'm so much more relaxed. It really helps me let go of any expectations and just be free with shooting. The minute I feel like it is something I "should" be doing it takes the inspiration right out of the equation.

My New Muse

Would you share the links to the photographers or books that have guided or inspired you?

I'm a huge fan of Joe McNally and highly recommend his book: Hot Shoe Diaries if you are interested in exploring off camera flash. 
Another must read for someone wanting to understand how to manually operate your camera is Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson.
Another suggestion would be to look up local photographers in your area and inquire about classes or one on one mentoring sessions.

Singled out

Celina: It's been a joy getting to know you better. Thank you so much for sharing parts of you photography journey with us here today :)


Bio: Celina Wyss is a mom, a wife, a domestic un-goddess, a seeker, a player and a creative spirit. She loves the ocean, sunshine, authentic people, video games, road trips, funky local shops and jumping into new hobbies head first. She lives in Boise, ID with her husband, daughter and two kitties.

Connect with Celina via her Blog ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

*All photos have been posted with the permission of Celina Wyss
*Artist photo of Celina by: Rebecca Murphy


kelly barton said...

dear celina and bella.....what a perfect tuesday morn.
i adore you both.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share. It has been a great pleasure!

jojo said...

congrats Celina! so happy for you!! and what a great fun site/project this is (52 projects) i need to find our more about it. thank you both for sharing!

Sarah said...

Celina, I love your work. It's so beautiful and heart-felt. What a great interview ladies!

michelle gd said...

a lovely interview to relax with and read. celina, some of the photos you've shared above just take my breath away...

Lenora said...

Your photos are amazing Celina! Lovely interview.

danielle daniel said...

This was such a beautiful interview showcasing Celina's talent and heart. I have met this woman and she exudes imagination and spirit. Thank-you both for sharing this interview. Her work is stunning! xo