March 7, 2012

A time to share { This is my Home }

Hello friends :)
I want to say "Thank You" to everyone who participated in last week's gallery {A Sweet Escape}. As you know, I was away on my own sweet escape to the Bahamas with my family for some much needed rest & relaxation. The trip was wonderful and I hope to have a little picture slideshow to share with you by the end of the week.

So this week (for me) is all about coming home and grounding myself back into my house, my life, and the everyday-ness of my everyday. Hence, the inspiration for this week's prompt.

This ~ Is ~ My ~ Home
This is my kitchen table. It is where I gather with my family for meals (everyday!), where my girlfriends and I sit and chat over a cup of coffee or tea, where my daughter does her homework, where the grown up - house - bills - life decisions are discussed & made between my husband and I. It's the place where I read, write, or talk on the phone. It is the first thing I see upon entering my living area, and it's the one spot in my home where I spend the most time. This table signifies so, so much to me and when I think of myself at home, I envision me sitting here.

I'm not asking to see a photo of where you live. I'm asking: what (for you) is home?

The gallery will stay open for a week. Please consider adding your photo to the flickr group. Check in on Friday for some major deets re: Year 2 of 52 Photos Project!! I'm looking forward to seeing what you will share in this gallery :)


carol l mckenna said...

Love the bunny rabbits ~ bet it is a cozy inviting home ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

Cheryl said...

I love your kitchen table. I have always loved the meals, the family game nights, homework, and visiting that goes on around the kitchen table. I think it is the most special place in a home.