March 28, 2012

A time to share { What Makes You Laugh?}

This little lady keeps us laughing like mad! She introduced us to Fred, the Annoying Orange, and many adorable kitty videos. She giggles & laughs, a LOT.

Let's see what you've got to share this week! Remember, it's 1 photo per person.. and after linking up here, share your photo to the flickr group.
*You can't link directly to a video with this link button - just be sure to include a pic (any will do) so we're able to visit your blog. Happy Day!!

***Edit to add:  Please share the videos that make you laugh B.I.G. over @ the Facebook Page!! (you might have to "like" the page first).


deb did it said...

I have become ridiculously hopelessly addicted to planking. Facedown self portraits. I laugh and giggle every-time I see these serious people laying down on the ground in public....oh just got a teeny bit weirder, lighter and FUNnier!!

carol l mckenna said...

Wonderful photo ~ does make one giggle ~ thanks for hosting ~ enjoy the week ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

Happy Me-Laurie Z said...

This was another really fun challenge and I had more than a few things that came to mind for this prompt, so it was tough to choose which to share! I think that is a very good though, that there are so many things in my life which make me laugh!:) I just want to apologise in advance for using three photos for this weeks prompt. I am the proud mommy to not one, not two, but(obviously THREE furbabies who are goofy beyond belief and there was no way I could take the mommy guilt if I only "featured" one of them in my 52 Photos Project blogpost! They already guilt me enough when they discover that it is yet another disappointing day in which I prevent them from hanging out in the pantry eating everything within their reach...and they are the kind of dogs who would work together to build one of those doggie ladders so they could enjoy even the dry pasta on the top shelf!
Love & laughter to all!

Cheryl said...

I love your choice oh photos this week. The sign is hysterical and your daughter? cute.