September 2, 2012

Week 20

An Entrance.
But to where?
Sometimes, they are
just so beautiful.
This week, pay attention to
Where will they take you?
What will you find on the other side?
Happy Week - and see you here on Wednesday.


Danielle said...

Doorways are one of my favorite captures. Love the hinges on this.

L. McG.-E. said...

Such an interesting prompt. Doorways and doors are always so enticing and full of promise - or dread. Exciting.

Teena Lurlene said...

Is it possible that week 20 is already here? What a wonderful way to track the year., close, and revolve. Lets see what i can find.

Katrin said...

Beautiful picture (as always!), perfect new topic, and congratulations to your 100 000 visitors!

me dLux said...

I have already postet my doorway!!

But I'll stop by again later for the gallery!!