November 4, 2012

Week 29: Contributor Prompt

I meet my girlfriend every Monday for a day of painting,
writing, sewing, and planning our next project.
During a moment of sudden emotion and expression, 
how do you reach out and hold onto to it?
Just as your little one drifts into slumber?
The hand of an elder?
The furry pet curled up in your lap?
The warmth of your morning brew?
The vintage vase of fresh market flowers?

Go out and hold something.
Long enough to appreciate that special moment. 
Capture it and return here to share.

Deb Taylor is someone you should get connected with! 
Find her via her blog What's Deb Doing? :: Flickr :: She is Three ::


GalleryJuana said...

love the photo and the prompt.
And the sweet moments, and trying to hold onto something long enough to appreciate the moment, really brought the tears on.

Unknown said...

i am in love with this image, so childlike, like the feeling of love. It's so creative - well done!
I run a blog of fashion photography and inspiration into shoots I do, take a look, maybe follow? :)

Meri said...

Thanks for the prompt, Deb!

annie said...

Thanks! Love the photo!