November 18, 2012

Week 31: Contributor Prompt

They say, “Eyes are the window to the soul”. Well, how about making photographs with this window closed? The body language of a person can say a great deal about that person - how they are feeling in a particular moment. 

Try a portrait without showing the face of your subject. And with this, try to show the expressions, emotions, feelings and the personality of the moment. If you don't want to try this on someone else - how about yourself?

Thank you Leonie Wise for this week's photo prompt! You can connect with Leonie via her blog or through Weekends Collected.  She invites you to contribute and share a photo and story of your weekend. Click here for more info.


Madame G said...

Its going to be really hard for me this week because im an eye doctor! I look throught people soul daily! lol!

Anonymous said...

Like your post very much.
I love your photos!
This is my stream, if you want to watch :)

deb did it said...

oooh, I love this

deb did it said...

I have returned to say again....
I love this prompt.
I have a collection of "faceless" self portraits.
Something about the impact of not witnessing the facial expressions intrigue me. They pull you into the energy and mood of a photo.
Thank you for an exciting, intriguing prompt.