December 2, 2012

Week 33 Contributor Prompt

What do you wander past in the mornings as you go about your day?
And, when the light changes from day to dusk and descends into night,
what beauty catches your eye?
What do a morning and evening of the same day look like for you?

Thank you Leonie Wise for this week's photo prompt! PicMonkey is a great online photo editing site that offers (free) collage templates - if you want do a side by side photo. FrameMagic is the app I use to collage my smart phone pics.
*I will meet you back here on Wednesday when Gallery 33 opens! Hello new players!! Welcome - I'm so glad you are here. Feel free to jump in and contribute at anytime!


deb did it said...

I love this prompt!!

urban muser said...

cool prompt!