February 3, 2013

Week 42

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I am about to zap you with two very cliche photo prompts.  I can't help myself ~ it's one of my favorite holidays.

So week 42 is all about hearts.  I see a melted heart in the photo above.  You would be surprised how they can show up in the most unexpected places!  Find a heart and share it here on Wed. Feb 6th when Gallery 42 {Hearts} opens up!

*Gallery 41 {My Wish} is still open! Submit your photo here.
*Have you seen Friday's spotlight on Kindred Magazine? Have a look here.
*I have an exciting photo challenge coming up for the fans of the Facebook page! Follow 52 Photos Project on Facebook so you don't miss out.

1 comment:

Jenny Fisher said...

I love photographing hearts in nature. This will be fun. Thank you for this prompt, Bella.