March 13, 2013

Gallery 47 {Light}

Welcome to Gallery 47 {Light}!!

Please link your photo (1 link per person)
here & share multiple snapshots of
light to the flickr group & instagram: #52photosproject

Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo to Gallery 46 - Horizon! 
I'll be visiting your submissions today!! 


Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Great minds think alike. The sentiment on your photograph and the photograph I took are perfect for each other. Blessings!

GalleryJuana said...

Sweet shot. I have been noticing all the bush and tree blossoms blooming. They are so pretty to see making there way through the crisp mornings.

Barbara said...

Beautiful spring colours - great quote too!

Prairie Jill said...

Beautiful image and beautiful quote!

Unknown said...

Lovely photo and quote.

deb did it said...

oh the hope and light of Springtime!