May 17, 2013

Artist Feature: Breathe Peace

Dear Readers: I'm so excited to share this beautiful offering from Jenn Gibson with all of you. Jenn is our featured photographer this month and we will be learning more about her next week in her photo interview. 

Jenn and I have done coaching work together, and I have to tell you, she has this beautiful way of guiding you to see big truths and revelations about yourself. I'm so happy to welcome her here today. In her own words, here is what Jenn would like to share: 

Hello, sweet soul.

I'm Jenn Gibson, a life coach, writer and creator of Roots of She, a collection of true stories and tender wisdom for women, by women.

As a coach, I focus on foundational self-care, helping overwhelmed women learn to live simply, and simply live.
Because one thing I know as truth is this:  Self-care isn’t selfish – it’s the height of generosity.

I know that when you take care of yourself, you feel more grounded, more balanced, more centered. Happier, at ease, ready to savor each moment, even the messy ones. You feel at peace.

I know that when I feel at peace, I speak peace, write peace, give peace… and breathe peace, into the world.

Because peace isn’t a destination — but a daily practice.

But so many of us don't know where or how to begin. And this is why I created Breathe Peace.

Breathe Peace: the ebook is self-paced and mirrors the work done in the course. You'll fill up your toolbox with a multitude of ways to establish a strong foundation in self-care. The ebook includes simple action items that focus on moving into a place of reverent self-care, an anti-worst-case scenario plan to help keep burnout at bay, and tailored soulwork, worksheets, printables, and guided meditations.

There are also little love notes to help you set an intention for the day. Think photographs, quotes, affirmations - nothing heavy, just a gentle breath. 

Breathe Peace : The Self-Study Experience : $24
  • A beautifully designed 65-plus page e-book
  • 12 practices to act as a foundation for your self-care practice
  • 16 intentions for the every day
  • Downloadable worksheets, audios, and printables
  • A private Facebook group for gathering
  • Printable 8X10 quote cards and 28 affirmation cards
  • A mini-meditation .mp3

Here's to beginnings. Here’s to taking a stand. Here's to taking a step. Here's to devoting time to yourself, every single day, whether it’s a moment or a minute or an hour. (The moments and minutes add up, they make a difference.)

The Breathe Peace ebook is available beginning May 25th - and a little something extra for you: use the code BELLA20 to knock 20 percent off the top.

Wishing you a pretty day,


michelle gd said...

love the idea of peace as a daily practice versus a destination. so good, jenn...

Jenn said...

Thank you so much, love. ♥