May 12, 2013

Week 4

Good morning and Happy Mother's Day!

Crop it: It's like finding a photo within a photo. Crop out a section of a large pic. Share the before and after in your blog post or flickr stream - and link it up here on Wednesday!

Here is an example:

If you're looking for editing software to use, you can try PicMonkey (mostly free) or Photobucket (free, but you must create an account - worth it for the excellent photo editing tools).

I will meet you back here on Wed. May, 15th. when gallery 4 {crop it} opens up.

*Something new: Please have a look at the sidebar and check out the two creative businesses I have linked to.  BEST Life Advocacy is the thriving, life coaching biz from our May Photo Interview Tracey Duncan ~and~ Breathe Peace is the re-vamped self care toolbox from our June Photo Interview (you'll meet her soon) Jenn Gibson. 
I'm so happy to have both of these fine ladies services and offerings prominently displayed here @ 52 Photos Project!!

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

This assignment made me smile because my photo for "Street Art" is a cropped version of the original photo I took!