August 9, 2013

28 Moments with Michelle GD (and a giveaway)

Welcome to a very special artist feature for Michelle GD, a longtime participant here at 52 Photos Project. Michelle is getting ready to offer her first e-course, 28 Moments. I am beyond delighted to help her spread the word.

When I first saw the e-course title, I knew it was a perfect fit for Michelle and how she moves in the world. She's an observer, quietly taking in life as it swirls around her, and sharing that magic with her blog readers. Life is not always fun and beautiful, but even the most difficult moments can be shared and reflected upon with grace, with love, and with compassion. I've come to learn that from Michelle.

Michelle is giving away 1 spot in her e-course to a very lucky 52 Photos Project reader! To enter for a chance to win that spot, leave a comment on this post from August 9th to August 16th. The winner will be chosen at random by myself, your hostess, and notified by email. 

To double your chances at winning, tweet the link to this post using the buttons at the bottom and leave a 2nd comment that says: "I tweeted this!" (I will be checking the tweets!!!) Good luck!

28 Moments Course Description:

sharing a meal with a friend, reading a good book, weeding the garden
life is made up of points in time strung together.  these points in time, these moments, shape and mold us as individuals.  in this course, you will celebrate tiny moments and cultivate an awareness of how you spend your days.  by the end of our 28 days, you will likely gather more than 28 moments.  but, at the very least, you will have been mindful 28 times.  these bits of mindful living, these celebrated points in time, will string together to give you nearly a month of living with intention.
the four-week course will include:twice weekly photography prompts
twice weekly writing prompts, journal style
a weekly video message from me
weekly inspirational interviews with creative souls
private flickr group to share photos and discussions…i will be there with you
an open email inbox on my end to receive any and all messages you might wish to send
a lovely PDF file of course content for you to download upon completion of our 28 days
what you need for this course:pen and paper
a camera (i highly recommend a phone camera for this course,
but you may use a point and shoot, a dslr, or film…you decide)
a computer + internet access
an open heart
what you don’t need:photography experience
writing experience
what i hope for you:that you celebrate your innate creativity
that you slow down, if only a bit
that you connect with other beautiful souls
dates:september 16 – october 13

i strive to live mindfully, to seek beauty in the everyday, and hope to make art a way of being for myself. by sharing my words and photos in this space, i hope to inspire you to do the same. i love: words, photographs, paints, colored pencils, paper, canvas, fabric, wood, hiking, yoga, chocolate, avocado, watermelon, warm bread out of the oven, cilantro, sushi, people {especially kids}, mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, trees, flowers, carving out time to explore life creatively, daydreaming, i also love hearing from you.

Catch up with Michelle at her blog.


Unknown said...

Oh, this class looks like so much fun and a wonderful inner journey. I am a new iphoneographer and was just googling meditative photography, wondering if there was such a thing. My images reflect my perspective of looking at the details of life and I'd love to take this course as a mindful meditation and a way to expand my skills. Off to tweet now!


Unknown said...

I tweeted this!

Clarice said...

This seems like it will be a wonderful class. I would love to participate!

robin. said...

michelle. beautiful. i could not agree more. the moments are snippets of who we are, what we dream, what we love. 28 moments. {sigh} what a beautiful gift you are providing. thank you for this opportunity.

christina said...

what a beautiful, beautiful course this sounds like. 28 days of awareness... fingers crossed.

thank you


Unknown said...

I am ready to waltz .. into the class :). Thanks increasing the awareness of the little moments and the simple pleasures.

GizmoGeodog said...

What a fabulous opportunity this would be...I'd love to join Michelle for this class.

GizmoGeodog said...

I tweeted!

leanne can blog said...

sounds wonderful, I'd love to win this :)

Newbie Jen said...

what an opportunity to grow in many ways, thanks for the chance

Unknown said...

I am excited about this course as I am new to photography. Thank you for offering it!

Unknown said...

This e-course sounds beautiful. Would love to win a spot! Thank you both for this wonderful oppurtunity.

Unknown said...

I came across this site looking for inspiration & I found it! Swell Season music in the background & inspiring photo project left me speechless... this will be wonderful journey!

It would be great to be part of it... capturing moments & enjoy little things. That's life!



Unknown said...

I tweeted this! :)