September 27, 2013

Photo Interview: Bonita Rose

My first thought when I found Bonita Rose's blog was "what a beautiful name"! Then I began scrolling through her beautiful photos of her artwork and life moments. I am thrilled to have the chance to introduce you to Bonita, an artist and photographer living in a home with a view of the ocean. I can't imagine a more serene setting and how much inspiration flows her way each day.

I invited Bonita to choose 5 photo prompts from the last two years and to share her perspective. Here is what she captured:

Still Life, Week 25, Year 2

My Favorite Place, Week 51, Year 2

What's Outside The Window? Week 8, Year 1

This is My Home, Week 46, Year 1

Right Now, Week 38, Year 2

What has been your favorite photo prompt so far and why?

My favorite photo prompt has to be: Week 51,Year 2 My Favorite Place.

I always dreamed of living by the ocean. There's a special calm and a sense of peace that washes over you when you are at the beach, near the ocean. It's so hard to explain, but it's incredibly powerful and grounding. It breathes life into mine, a life that has seen far too much pain and heartache. Living on the beach is life-giving to me. Just life giving in so many ways. I always leave feeling refreshed, revived, and so at peace.
Right here is my favorite place to be. My favorite place.

In our community, my husband and I listen to a local musician named Capt. Nick. Him and his wife Dana have become our dear friends. Take a listen to one of my favorite songs he wrote, called MY FAVORITE PLACE -- Click here to download and listen.

Bonita Rose currently lives in a cute little beach house by the Atlantic Ocean in Ormond By The Sea,FL. Her inspiring Blog is a mix of inspiration, photography, her life story, art, crafts, and more. She's married to the love of her life, Greg. Last year in mid October 2012, she and her husband went on an adventure and moved from Fargo, ND to the East Coast of Florida to live by the sea. She made her dream come true, with a lot of planning and prayer.

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You can connect with Bonita via her:  Blog ~ Etsy Shop ~ Personal FB ~ Instagram ~ Pinterest

Thank you, Bonita, for showing up here today wholeheartedly, and for sharing your artwork with the audience here at 52 Photos Project. It's been a pleasure getting to know you :)

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