October 9, 2013

Gallery 25 {starts with a C}

C = Chopped 
part of last night's dinner :)

{Starts with a "C"} --> Anything goes!

How are you on this Chilly Wednesday morning? I won't lie, I am loving the brisk weather we're experiencing here in NJ. There's a connection between it getting cold and my cooking habits. I am all about the Comfort cooking to stay warm, so I sauteed some chopped zucchini to accompany our baked pork chops! Yum!

Having trouble getting here to submit your photo during the week? No worries. You can add an unlimited amount of theme related photos to the flickr group - even from weeks that you missed here. You should check that group out! So many cool photos over there.

Welcome new players! Feel free to join us at anytime ~ everyone is welcome here. Share your photos throughout the week on instagram using hashtag #52photosproject. You can always follow 52 Photos Project on Facebook & Twitter for updates.  Happy week! I can't wait to see your work!!


Alexa said...

Bet that meal was de-lish! (For me, the cool weather brings on mashed-potato cravings.)

Bing said...

sounds yum! i love this pic!

Nancy said...

That looks so cool and refreshing! Thank you for hosting!

Prairie Jill said...

C is for: a Clever, Cool Cucumber shot! (Darn, I can't think of a word for "photo" that starts with a "c". Click?)

CherryPie said...

Making my mouth water :-)

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Your Chopped Calabacitas, as they're called in Spanish, look delicious. Blessings!