February 26, 2014

Gallery 45 {Where People Gather}

Hi again. Welcome to Gallery 45 {Where People Gather}. I happened to catch people in my photo (do I get virtual bonus points?) :D  Last weekend, I took my daughter and her friend ice skating. The place was packed!! I wondered why people would flock to a cold skating arena in the middle of winter on a below freezing day? Well maybe it's FUN to be out, doing something in these wonderful places that offer you the opportunity to gather with friends or family. 

The kids had a blast and I got to take a lot of pictures. How about you? Have you found a place where people gather to share here? (You don't have to have people in the photo).

After linking up here, please add your photo to the flickr group. If you're on instagram, use hashtag #52photosproject. And you can always find updates on Twitter & Facebook (links in sidebar). Everyone is welcome, even at week 45. Please feel free to share your photo. This gallery will stay open for a week, there is no  rush!


Alexa said...

I love your shot, Bella. I used to think that freezing my butt on the ice was fun; now I'm more afraid of breaking it!

Prairie Jill said...

Great shot! I love the blur.

chai-and-chardonnay.blogspot.com said...

I am with Alexa….while younger I really liked it but more on frozen lakes. Love the blurry effect.

Rebecca said...

Bella, I love your photo! It's terrific.