March 19, 2014

Gallery 48 {A Present Someone Gave You}

A present is essentially a gift, and I have been gifted abundantly with good health, a loving family, and the treasure of this life. I also have been given many a present that touched my heart. But this one, my wedding ring, given to me as a promise - as a bond - as a gift, in front of family and friends in my God's house... This present holds more meaning than any other I've been given.

A present doesn't necessarily have to be a "material" thing, so keep that in consideration when choosing your photo for this gallery. Remember: no rules. Your intuition and creativity is what infuses the photo you submit.

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Nancy said...

Eggs from our geese are "presents" right? :) Thanks for hosting Bella. xo

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

It is truly one of the greatest gifts to be blessed with a solid marriage. Blessings! said...

A marriage is something really precious…lovely post !

Prairie Jill said...

Beautiful shot of a beautiful gift.