March 26, 2014

Gallery 49 {An Old Photo}

This week, let's put down our cameras and open our memory boxes. Choose and old printed, film photo and share the story behind that photo.

I thought I was being cute puting my favorite photo into a polaroid frame. I keep this photo as close to me as possible. This is where I come from, the two generations of life before mine. All women are gone now, but I still get to enjoy every single day with my dad.

The story behind the photo is kind of obvious. My parents were both immigrants (mom from Scotland, dad from Serbia) who met and married here. They built a beautiful life together here for themselves and for their kids.

Not all stories have a happy ending. They divorced (amicably) when I was 19 and life went on. I'm sharing this photo today because for me it holds a lot of love energy. This was a time when my parents were in love and like any couple on their wedding day, they had dreams of a beautiful future together. It signifies so much for me. To see them standing there united with both of my grandmothers... It serves as a reminder of the strong people I come from.

How about you? I'm exicted to see your pics. Thank you to everyone who participated in {a present someone gave you} - I loved seeing what everyone had to share!

I have some Spring cleaning to do around here. Year 4 starts soon! I'm so excited :) Thank you for being here.

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Prairie Jill said...

Ah, frames within frames - I love it! Great picture and memories.