April 2, 2014

Gallery 50 {A Day in My LIfe}

There are a couple of ways you can share your photo(s):

*Document moments throughout your day. Link one photo here and the rest to your blog post.
*If you share through flickr, leave a link to the rest of your photos in your comment section.
*Share your photos on Instagram or Tweet your pics using hashtag #52photosproject.
*Or if you chose, share just one photo of a moment in your day right here in the gallery.

I will be documenting today with my iphone and sharing on my blog tomorrow. I'll tweet the link.

Announcement:  52 Photos Project, Year 4 ~ the 1st prompt will go live on the blog on May 4th (1st Sunday of May). I need a respite in between projects & it feels right to start at the beginning of a new month. (Year 4 beginning on the 4th sounded good too!) When we begin, the blog will have an entirely new look and the prompts will be fun & creative! I can't wait!

OK, I am ready to see a day in your life. Thank you for being here!


Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Living artfully everyday of mil life is one of my life's goals. Blessings!

Prairie Jill said...

Ah, multi-tasking - reading and using the phone! What a great moment from your day!

jillbertini said...

Looking forward to the new! Enjoy your break. Rest is important. I heartily endorse it. So appreciate your prompts and what it brings out in me :D.