June 4, 2014

Gallery 5 {the light arrived}

I'm preparing a course that dabbles in the creative, playful, and sensual which is why I've been reading Neruda on the daily.
Were does the light arrive for you? Capture that (and I hope to see a multitude of different interpretations on this prompt). Light does not = sun alone. Light gets into every crack and crevice. Light permeates. Light awakens the senses, the sleepy children, our spirits. This prompt is all about finding that light.

Thank you for your gorgeous submissions to {{good luck charm}}. I'll be going through those today.

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Unknown said...

Hi Bella - obviously the red shoe pix is not an eclipse - don't know what happened. Please remove it and I'll try again. Thanks, Maude

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love Neruda, and the theme you chose based on his quote opened up all kinds of possibilities. Blessings!

Borqna said...

OMG - What a great collection! Bravo!
Good luck!

jillbertini said...

I had the hardest time picking which image to share here this week! Loved the prompt. Thank god you let us share more pictures in the Flickr pool. I've added them all there!