July 2, 2014

Gallery 9 {sitting by the window}

Good morning, friends. I'm a little late in posting because today is our first summer sleepover & I thought it was Saturday!! I love these long, lazy days of summer. Everything feels so much more free, like my sleep schedule! Haha.

So, {sitting by the window}. I saw this Buddha looking all chilled out and relaxed in the window of my favorite new store last night, and I thought "this is sooo my photo". You can see me taking the picture if you look at the knee :)

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Alexa said...

I love this, Bella!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Sweet! It looks like he's overlooking the neighborhood. Blessings!

chai-and-chardonnay.blogspot.com said...

The little dress with the blue and white stripes which might be from France, the Buddha from ( maybe) China and a necklace from ( maybe ) India together in a shop in America....that is when globalisation becomes fun!