September 3, 2014

Gallery 18 {The Sign Says}

Welcome to Gallery 18 {The Sign Says}

When I created the prompt, I was thinking literally. I went out in search of a "sign" that said something. It was exhausting! Nothing was coming my way. I began thinking about the prompt and because they are so flexible, I thought to myself "I just need a sign or a message in any form."

And then I looked down and saw this gorgeous red leaf, the first of the season. It's a sign that autumn is on its way. I was so busy looking, I almost missed this. What I love about photography is that it offers us a chance to slow down.

The gallery will stay open for a week, giving you plenty of time to add your pic. I'm excited to see what the signs say to you!

*You can now link your Instagram pics. Here's how. *And ps... One of my favorite instagram pics from last week from our long-time friend. So happy for you, girl!!


Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love this week's theme, because I love looking for signs. Blessings!

Alexa said...

I love your "sign" (and almost did something very similar)!

GalleryJuana said...

that is funny that when you want a sign with words, there isn't one.

As you said, another sign came along and living in the moment was a great gift.