September 10, 2014

Gallery 19 {Dog Walker}

This is a total cheat!
Like you, I go out in search of a new photo for each prompt. Between this morning and Sunday, I didn't see one person out walking their dog - and it's been sunny! So, here is my baby Trixie - I obviously am the walker - last winter. She is temporarily holding this spot until I find a photo of a dog walker, proper. It is my week's mission!!

How are you? There were some great photos in last week's {The Sign Says}. Thank you to everyone who contributed. I'll be going through those today.

Link your photo here, then add it to the flickr group (where you can add multiple theme related photos). This gallery will remain open for a week, ensuring <and me> plenty of time to add our pics). Are you on instagram? Tag your photos #52photosproject.


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

My grand dog is a cavalier!! His name is Hugeaux....Cajun for Hugo!

He is soooo sweet! I don't really like little dogs but he has won my heart!!

GalleryJuana said...

I love dogs and cats so this was a fun prompt. You've got a sweetheart of a dog there!