September 24, 2014

Gallery 21 {My Wish that Came True}

The idea of going whale watching has always appealed to me, but we live faraway from the places that offer boat tours. It quickly got shelved as a bullet point on my "wish list" until August when we went to Cape Cod.

If you ever get the chance to go whale watching, take it! These creatures are magnificent. We saw mostly humpbacks, but I'll tell you, what a humbling experience. You truly feel your soul expand out on the water watching them in their environment. I will never forget it. It most certainly was a dream (and wish) come true.

What was/is your wish come true? I can't wait to see what you share. I will be traveling until Sunday but will be checking in here to see! Have a great week and ... make some new wishes! There is always an opportunity for them to come true :)


GalleryJuana said...

The humpbacks and orcas come through here between spring and summer. I've only seen the the humpbacks from far away, but even that is breath-taking. I really do want to go on a tour. What a thrill it would to be even nearer to them! Glad your wish came true.

Lisa Gordon said...

So glad that your wish came true!
The first time I went whale watching, it was on Cape Cod also. It truly is quite an experience.

catherine chin schwartz said...

soooooo cool and special!