November 5, 2014

Gallery 27 {Steamy, Warm Drinks}

Oh, hello ... delicious cuppa good stuff.

Welcome to Gallery 27 where we will share our favorite warm drinks to indulge in on a cold day. I like to drink herbal tea throughout the day, but I do enjoy a cup of coffee when I wake up and then a half a cup after work. That half a cup feels like it gives me the energy to get through the rest of the day. The truth is, I really enjoy it. It feels like an indulgence. 

I'm excited to see what you will share! Thank you to everyone who participated in {Point the Camera UP}. I will be looking through that gallery today.

Link one photo here and add multiple theme related photos to our Flick Group. If you are on Instagram, tag your photos #52photosproject. Also, you can follow the Twitter & Facebook pages for updates.

Thanks for being here and sharing your work! 

1 comment:

GalleryJuana said...

Coffee in the afternoon feels like an extra treat to me and i love waking up with coffee too. Love that glass mug!