November 19, 2014

Gallery 29 {Vintage Architecture}

Hi and Welcome to Gallery 29 {Vintage Architecture} a fun of way of saying old buildings & such. The photo above was taken a few years back in an Anthropologie store located in the heart of Philadelphia. The store is housed in a bank building that dates back to the 1800's. That's what I love about the East Coast ... so many of our buildings are super old.

Here is another view of the fireplace (it was so big I could not fit the entire thing in one frame!)

Imagine lighting this baby up!! Now that would be a cozy (bon)fire :)

I want to thank those of you who contributed to Gallery 28 {Mirror Reflection}. Are my prompts getting boring? I seem to be losing people on random weeks, which of course makes me question my prompt idea. 

If you have a prompt idea, please feel free to email me! I am open to mixing it up and using your ideas.

You can find updated on the Twitter & Facebook pages throughout the week. I tweet a lot of photos from previous galleries with the audience there. Are you on Instagram? You can link your Insta pic to the Gallery now (which is sooo cool). 

Link your photo here & then add multiple theme related pics to the flickr group. Use hashtag #52photosproject on Instagram. ++And if you are new --> Welcome! Feel free to join us!

++ One last note: I have a new Winter offering, freshly released into the world. Check it out here: A Flame in the Frost.

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Alexa said...

What a gorgeous old fireplace!