December 3, 2014

Gallery 31 {This Makes Me Happy}

You all know Deb, right?

Deb, our 3rd interview of the 1st year here at 52 Photos Project?

Deb who now lives in sunny Florida with her partner Matt ... who is a photographer, blogger, and artist?

That Deb. She came to NY State, just a mere hour away from my home. We've become close through our online connection - We met through an online photography course & now we are sisters, journeying together through self portraiture at She is Three. 

I got to meet Deb a few weeks ago. That made me So. Happy!!


What makes you happy? I'm kinda excited to see!

Link one photo here and add multiple theme related photos to the flickr group. (You now have the flickr app for your iphone & android systems, making it super simple).

Are you on Instagram? What are you waiting for? They have that app for both smart phone services as well. Snap a pic, tag it #52photosproject, and make friends who share your passion for photography!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to link their photo to {Look Down} ... What an awesome gallery!

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

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Alexa said...

Love this photo! Isn't it wonderful the great people you meet through blogging?