February 11, 2015

Gallery 41 {Fragrant / This Smells Heavenly}

Did you ever want to smell something through the screen?
Well, this would be how to approach this theme!

I keep thinking about how to capture the smell of a soft rain storm
the moments before it starts to snow.
that newborn baby scent.

These scents may be impossible to capture but what if we could share a photo that creates the vision of something that transports us to a place or time. Maybe it looks like our sense of smell is heightened and evokes a feeling of "wow, that's beautiful".

This week, spend some time choosing your image for this blog (you may load unlimited / theme related pics to the Flickr Group + Instagram).

**Tell us the story behind the photo. What does it mean? Where is the scent taking us?**

Good luck, my friends. This gallery will be open for a week! I will be traveling to London tonight and will be back home on Monday - but I will have my trusty iPad with me, making it easy to check in with you. (Follow my travels on IG).

++One note: If you are into self portraiture, we are doing a 7 days of LOVE selfie challenge @ She Is Three. Have a peek here at our IG Page and join us! We'd love to see how you interpret the themes.

Have a great week and we'll connect soon! (PS.. than you to everyone who submitted a photo to Before/After!) 

Info about year 5 here at 52 Photos Project is coming next week :)

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Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Fine wine, roses and your loved one, what can be more fragrant than that. Blessings!