February 18, 2015

Gallery 42 {Orange}

Happy Wednesday!

We are repeating {Orange} because it is a part of #colorcolourlovers week on Instagram - and I think it's a great opportunity to get my usual friends who visit here (and new friends) used to posting on the go using Instagram + Flickr. (Both apps are now mobile I'm planning on making 52 Photos Project an Instagram based photo challenge for year 5 rather than a blog based gallery.

So today, you will link a picture - and then post it to Instagram! Tag it #52photosproject #colorcolourlovers + #colorcolourORANGE (then) search those hashtags & look at all the orange photos you will find!

+Learn more about Xanthe + Andrea's Color/Colour Lovers challenge here.

From this week on, I will be posting our prompts both here + on Instagram, getting us ready for the change-over after we complete week 52 :) 

Change = A very good thing!
More to come on year 5 as the weeks trickle on.

*I have a lot of catching up on your photo submissions to do!! Will take care of that from today through the weekend.


Alexa said...

No missing THAT door!

Bella Cirovic said...

Absolutely NOT!! LOL. Brick Lane Market find!!

GalleryJuana said...

Love that color. It looks like a "no sno-cone" sticker on the glass door.