March 4, 2015

Gallery 44 {Across the Street}

Happy Wednesday!!

We've had so much snow + rain here, I had to dip into my stash of photos to find a decent one or two to fit in for today!

+ For clarity, we are finishing up our year here to week 52 as planned. I go a few early goodbye comments last week. This party is not over.

+Also, we will not only be instagram based. We will have our Flickr Group as well (which is also mobile now). Change is difficult, I know, but it also becomes easy to adjust to if given the chance.

I love the pics I found in my archives :)

This gallery will stay open until next Tuesday, giving you plenty of time to add a selection. After linking up here, add multiple theme related pics throughout the week to our Flickr Group + on Instagram <-- friend me there! using hashtag #52photosproject. Are you on Facebook? So are we! Friend us here.

Have a great week everyone!!

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