March 11, 2015

Gallery 45 { A Woman I Love }

This week's theme is in honor of
International Women's Day
celebrated on March 8th.

I mean, could it be anyone other than 
my sweet, little beauty?

I do have a trick up my sleeve :)
I'll be sharing one photo everyday
of all the women in my life,
that I'm blessed to know and love.

You could do the same on Instagram or
in our Flickr Group.

(Both are mobile) Use hashtag #52photosproject on all of your theme related pics.

If you don't own a mac, iphone, smartphone, ipad, tablet, or ipod touch -
you can still have the instagram experience using a PC app called: Pixta

Go to: and download that for your PC (If you are on Windows 7 or older)
In Pokki, look for an app called Pixta ... This will allow you to browse using the search button
Type in #52photosproject and you will see all of our group photos come up.

It does not allow you to upload a photo :(


That you to everyone who added to {Across the Street}
What a beautiful gallery of photos!
Now, who is that woman that you love?


Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Your sweet, little beauty looks just like her Mom. I thought about my wife and girls too, but decided to go with my Mom, since I've never featured her before. Happy Belated Women's Day!

Borqna said...

... difficult week..
Here's my participation:
Excuse me, dear Bella - I was late again.
I like your challenge and watch with pleasure the photos here.
Good luck!