March 29, 2015

Week 48

Empty Space.

What does that look like?

I'm excited to see how you interpret this prompt!


2 things:

+ We have 4 more weeks before year 5 begins.
It will look similar to how April has been looking and
then we will transition our Galleries over to Instagram
and Flickr. I will always  have this site up and the monthly
prompts posted at the top of the page :)

+ I have formed a team and am taking part in the
 Relay for Life here in town. 
We are the Miracle Makers and we are raising
money for the American Cancer Society. My team was put together last night and our page is not yet 
finished being updated. If you feel
inclined to donate money to the cause, you can do that here.

I will probably be asking until the end of May!

Happy Sunday! Gallery 48 {Empty Space} opens on Wednesday April 1.

Gallery 47 {Liquid} is still open for submissions.

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