April 8, 2015

Gallery 49 {Pastel Colors}

Pink Meringues!

Imagine having to walk away from these beauties just as they were being brought out by the bakery owner.
"Can I take a photo for memories?" I asked. "Of course" the woman replied.
I tried  to get as much yellow out of the photo as possible. These were the most beautiful shade of pastel pink I've ever seen!

We have a few more weeks left together here before we go mobile! The question has been asked "how will we know what the prompts are?"

I still have ownership of this domain name + blog. The prompts will be posted here, on Instagram, and on Flickr once a month. If you missed April's prompts, here they are:

These prompts are revealed on Sunday and their corresponding Galleries will open on the following Wednesday, the same formula we've been using here for so long.

OK, your turn to share! Add one photo here and multiple theme related pics on Instagram + our Flickr Group. I am always updating our Facebook + Twitter pages so hook up with me there.

Be on the lookout for Pastel Colors. They are everywhere!


Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love meringue! You captured them beautifully too. Hope you had a blessed Easter!

Alexa said...

Delicious (meringues and photo too)!