April 15, 2015

Gallery 50 {Indulgent Treats}

Indulgent Treats. 

You will almost always get a decadent cup of coffee or piled high, layer cake out of me. But indulgent treats can be whatever feels luxurious to you. A new pair of sneakers. A trip to a faraway place. I tend to think: food ... but beyond that, what feels indulgent? New camera gear? Bubble baths?
Hiring a baby-sitter so you can get out of the house once a week? An extra hour of sleep?

Post your photos here and then post multiple theme related photos throughout the week on Instagram + our Flickr Group.

I am always updating out Facebook + Twitter pages. Give me a like or a shout-out over there (I know a lot of you are on Twitter!!) Thank you for all of the RT's and shares.

+Thank you to everyone who added to Gallery 49 Pastel Colors !!

+Huge thank you to those of you who are moving over to Instagram. 3 more weeks and we're totally over there.

+The question did come up: How will we know the weekly prompts? They will always be posted here.

xo Bella

1 comment:

Alexa said...

I totally agree—so I guess I posted a double indulgence. :~}