August 19, 2015

Gallery 16 {Kittens}

oh what a week!
thank you for sharing your gorgeous
YELLOW pics!

This week: Kittens
Don't have a kitten?

Do you know that you can go into your local shelter
to volunteer or to a pet store and ask to visit the kitties
to give them pets, cuddles, and love?

Just suggestions to get you started.
Be forewarned: you may end up with a new pet. 

This is our new girl, Raven.
She is all spice & sass.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Thank you again to for all of your yellow love!
There were so many good photos.
I went with a floral theme. Here are a few faves:

Top left @soulinbloom

Top right @mj_wanderwonder

Bottom left @michelle_gd

Have a great week!
Tag your pics #52photosproject

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